LocateSmarter Reveals Application Features

Unique features allow accounts receivable industry to self-manage data processes
July 21, 2014 – A new online batch skip tracing application, LocateSmarter, LLC, recently unveiled its patent-pending features on the company’s website. The SaaS company connects accounts receivable professionals with multiple, leading data providers in one centralized, cloud-based platform.

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LocateSmarter™ Announces Management Team

New cloud company leadership stems from accounts receivable and technology foundation
June 10, 2014 – A combination of leaders in accounts receivable and technology have come together to launch a new online batch skip trace application. LocateSmarter, a subsidiary of CBE Companies, announced the members of its management team today.

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CBE Companies Announces Formation of LocateSmarter™

Revolutionizing skip tracing and data compliance in the receivables industry
May 22, 2014– CBE Companies today announced the formation of LocateSmarter™, a cloud service company with a mission to revolutionize skip tracing and data compliance in the receivables industry. The announcement was made by Chad Benson, President and COO of CBE Companies.

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