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LocateScore is a phone score that tells you which phone number to call to connect you with the person you need to talk to. Using a LocateScore strategy you can reach 80% of your Right Party Contacts (RPC) in 50% of your phone inventory while eliminating 60% of your wrong numbers. Less waste, less risk, more efficient.

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Find Your RPCs

Not only does our phone score identify numbers that will most likely result in contact, it identifies numbers that will most likely result in a Right Party Contact.

Identify Wrong Numbers

Identifying the wrong numbers can be just as important as identifying the right numbers. By avoiding as many Wrong Party Contacts as possible, you can lower your overall risk.

Gain Overall Efficiency

The LocateScore allows you to streamline your dialing strategies, leading to increased efficiency by concentrating your efforts on the right phones and not wasting dials on the wrong phones.

A phone score that won't handcuff you.

LocateScore gets you to your RPCs faster and increases efficiency by identifying wrong numbers, all while making it affordable for you. We also won't lock you into huge minimums and extended contract terms.


Make sure you have the right dialing strategy.
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