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Today companies in the collections industry are finding themselves hindered with increasing risk, rising TCPA complaints and class action lawsuits. In order to help mitigate risk, many companies have transitioned to manual dialers. But does handling this effort in-house make financial sense, or should you consider offshore outsourcing as a cost-effective alternative?

LocateSmarter's Manual Dialing Services Can Help

3x More Dials Per Hour

Our agents, located in the Philippines, can dial up to 10,000 phone numbers per hour, compared to the domestic average of 3,000/hour. This advantage equates to more phone calls, more collection attempts and ultimately, more dollars collected.

Cost Savings of Up To 60%

Manual dialing in the United States can be expensive – either your agents spend less time collecting or you have to hire/train additional employees dedicated to manual dialing. LocateSmarter reduces your expenses by covering the hiring, training, equipment, etc. – all you pay is the hourly wage.

Quick and Easy Implementation

Using your current dialing process, our manual dialing services require no integration or additional hardware. Our agents in the Philippines use your existing cloud-based technology to initiate outbound calls. Our management team will quickly contact you whenever there is idle time. Think of us as an extension of your team.

Are LocateSmarter's Manual Dialing Services Right for You?

We all know that manual dialing efforts can be costly when you factor in employee salaries, equipment, hiring and training, etc. We would like to explain how LocateSmarter's Manual Dialing Services can help you mitigate risk and reduce operating costs while still increasing your manually dialed outbound call volumes through LocateSmarter’s offshore outsourcing.

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