Electronic Signatures

 EFT Agree is a patent-pending electronic signature process that can be used to authorize recurring payments while your customer is on the phone, resulting in higher completion rates and Regulation E compliance.

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Three Smart Reasons to Use EFT Agree

Consumer Convenience

The EFT Agree process is executed while the consumer and agent are on the phone together, making it an easy and convenient process for both parties. Our compliant solution is designed to require little effort and time from the customer resulting in no lag time between the payment plan negotiation and capturing authorization.

Higher Completion Rates

Compared to alternative authorization methods such as mail and web portals, EFT Agree obtains significantly more completed authorizations, resulting in less payment plan fall-outs and more dollars collected. Several of our clients are seeing over an 80% increase in their monthly completion rates.

Easy Implementation

EFT Agree has few technical requirements and works within your current infrastructure. EFT Agree also fulfills Regulation E and E-Sign obligations and requirements. With such a seamless and compliant process, we’ll have you safely up-and-running in as little as three days.

You shouldn't have to compromise between performance and compliance. Get started with EFT Agree today.

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